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Excessive weight always comes from an imbalance of calories and exercise.

Unfortunately, most people can not markedly change their exercise regimen. It is not usually practical to try to exercise off weight. (However, some regular aerobic exercise markedly improves your overall health picture).

"You are what you eat". Therefore, most people have to adjust their caloric intake and diet irregardless of what their exercise regimen is.

In this respect, starches or carbohydrates tend to slow the metabolism and promote weight gain (dietary intake of primarily carbohydrates work against weight loss). You have to adjust down or lessen your total calorie intake but carbohydrates or starches are most important.

Adjusting your balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates is essentially the only way to lose weight.

There are 8 food types listed below that start with "S" (mnemonic). If your usual intake of these 8 items is cut in half, you will lose weight.

This diet can be started or restarted on the 1st and/or the 15th of the month. However, it can not be restarted every day and one has to wait 2 weeks before making another adjustment or going back to this diet to start all over or revise it.

The basic principle is to cut these eight items in half.

Those items are:

The basic principle in this diet is to look back at your food intake and habits over the past couple of weeks. You decrease your usual intake of the eight "S" food items to one half of your usual portion. For instance, if you would drink 2 bottles of pop a day, you should drink only 1 bottle (changing from regular to diet pop, of course would be wiser and more effective). If you would normally eat two pieces of toast in the morning, you would only eat one piece of toast. If your routine is to eat one baked potato, you should eat only half of a baked potato. Two of the most common meals in America are pizza plus breadsticks and spaghetti plus garlic bread. In other words, have a little bit of "starch with your starch". Variety in the diet is important. Items such as meat, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, and even to a certain extent, eggs are less restricted. These food types should be emphasized over starches and carbohydrates. Lean and broiled meats are always better than fried and/or coated meat. Drinking milk as a beverage is absolutely "fattening". Even 8 oz of skim milk drank daily every 10-14 days would be enough calories to make someone gain a pound. Using milk on cereal can be reasonable, however, don't drink milk out of a glass to try and obtain your calcium requirements. Instead, take 2 tropical punch or cherry Rolaids twice a day and that gives you your calcium and magnesium requirements. The Rolaids also coat the stomach and help as regards to tendency towards ulcers and also help decrease hunger a bit. Constipation works against weight loss. To combat this, the intake of two fiber capsules before breakfast and supper can be helpful. This also helps decrease appetite somewhat. The trick to this approach is to be honest in your eating habits. This diet absolutely will work if you follow the routine of cutting in half the eight "S" items. However, this can only be adjusted or initiated every 2 weeks. It sometimes takes several weeks or even a few months to lose weight and you should be patient. As long as you're altering your intake of carbohydrates as with the decrease in the eight "S" items, you will lose weight. You should be warned that one can not "fantasize" to eat 2 pieces of pie a day and then cut it down to one piece of pie. You have to look at your ongoing, past routine and change your routine to decrease the calories obtained by starch or carbohydrate type foods. This diet is very simple and easy. You don't have to count calories when on this diet but just have an ongoing awareness of what your usual eating habits are and what they have been in the recent past. All diets require discipline, courage and character, however, this diet is much more easy than most and it is often more successful.

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